GTX 770 SLI vs. Crossfire (Possibly trifire) R9 280x

Hello guys, first time posting on toms hardware, but I have an opportunity to get some R9 280xs at a great price.

I have been doing research for the past two days - comparing benchmarks between 770s in sli and crossfire 280xs - I still want more information before I plunge for the 280xs.

I currently have 2 670s for nVidia surround. I have 3 Asus 24" monitors.

I want to know if I will see that much of an added benefit from going crossfire with 280xs. As the 3 gb of vram seems to be advantageous for eyefinity/surround. For the price of 2 280xs I would be able to sell my 670s and probably break even if not make a profit. But would it be worth it to go through all the extra trouble? Or should I not consider the 280xs and upgrade to 770s?

Also, how well do the 280xs scale in terms of trifire? Is it worth it?
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  1. 280x is probably the best option, tri fire doesn't scale well
  2. whether it be the GTX 770 or 280X or any card, having three or four cards in sli/cfire is just impractical and the scaling doesn't work so well unless your using 4-5 screens or a big 4k monitor. 2 cards in sli/cfire may or may not be worth it but tbh I would suggest getting the best single card you can get for the price of two 770s. Which is roughly a gtx 780 or maybe an R9 290X. Single cards offer more stability and scaling than you would with multiple cards. In most cases there's only a negligible difference depending on the resolution your running your rig at. All in all if I were you....

    I'd get a GTX 780 or R9 290X most preferably the R9 290X because of the extra GB of RAM which could be useful for that triple screen-setup of yours.

    P.S. I wouldn't put up a poll neither, your gonna really want people's opinions on a question like this. A poll wouldn't suffice. You need to see the odds and ends of both the cards and how well they scale plus the consideration of a single card
  3. depends on what you do, as a whole dual R9 280X is the best way to go.
  4. i think you should just keep that 670s for now and upgrade into next gen card (DX12) sometime next year.
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