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I really wanted to get my brother a gaming PC that can handle most modern games with ease. My budget is $1000 and I will not be purchasing this til the end of summer so this thread is just something to get an idea of the price and parts. I also wouldn't mind a guide on how to build a PC or maybe I might just pay a local PC store $50 to build it. I personally have a gaming laptop so I'm okay for now and through college. My brother has a ps4 but wants to play the games we PC elites enjoy such as amnesia and indies that aren't really ported over to consoles. So please do not reply with a rude comment as I am a noob and just looking for advice since I don't want to waste my hard earned money.
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    Hi Tony! 1000$ is plenty for a very good pc build. I would recommend you build it yourself as it is pretty easy with a good tutorial. There are plenty on youtube, long and detailed ones and very simple and short ones.

    If you want an idea of the prices, here is what I find to be acceptable. It's all based on what I learned for the past two years when shopping for computer parts:
    For a CPU like an intel i5: It's around 250$. It's plenty for gaming in my opinion.
    For a motherboard like a gigabyte, that I recommend, but Asus are very good too : I'd say around 150$ for a good chipset like the Z87.
    Power supply : Around 100$ for good quality build. Good brands are Seasonic, Antec, Corsair (a bit pricy). You would need between 650W and 750Watts.
    GPU : it's the most important part for a gaming pc. I would recommend the AMD GPUs from the R9 series. Mine is a R9 270 and it was about 240$ at the time and I can run BF4 High settings no problem to give you an idea and I play a lot of indies games too. If your budget allows it, go for a R9 280x but it sure costs more. You can also check the Nvidia cards but I don't know much about them.
    HDD : SSDs are not worth it in my opinion but i all comes to preference. I'd say go for 1TB so you're sure to have plenty space. Western Digital makes good hard drives, particularly the Black Caviar series which are pretty good. Seagates makes good ones too. It's about 150$.
    Case : Between 50 and 100$. I would recommend a Mid-Tower cases as they have plenty of spaces. Antec, Corsair, Coolermaster. There's so many different cases it's up to you.
    RAM : You don't need more than 8GB of ram. Should be around 90$ for some G-SKill (2x4GB) as they have good ratings and are pretty popular.
    In total that makes a total of about 1000$.
    Also, extra fans are about 5 to 15$ each and if you want an optical drive for CDs it's around 20$.

    Hope this gives you an idea!
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