Looking for a graphic card to replace GTX 560 Ti


I'm not someone who's really good with computer specs and graphic cards, so I decided to ask for help. Also, English is not my first language, so sorry if I make any mistakes. Here's my problem :

I have a computer that has been built since approximately 2 years, and I'm still satisfied with it. I use 2 monitors, one is a normal monitor and the other is my graphic tablet, which I also use as a second screen. I recently tried to hook up a third monitor, with no success. I used Google to have more informations, and apparently I can't use three monitors with the GTX 560 Ti. The solution may be to have a second graphic card, but I heard that AMD graphic cards can support 3 monitors, so I think it's better to change my graphic card for one of these. So my question is, can I easily change my Nvidia for a AMD, and which one should I buy ?

I want to use my main monitor for pretty much everything, like work and gaming. I'm a level designer and I use all kind of programs like Photoshop, Maya, 3ds Max and UDK, so I still need good performances, but I don't really need to play my games with 3 monitors. My games are usually on my main monitor while I have for example Photoshop or Skype on the graphic tablet. I want three monitors mainly for work, so for example having UDK on my main monitor, another window from UDK on the second and Skype, a reference picture or Photoshop on the third. If my performances can be higher, why not, but I prefer not to go over 250-300$ for the new graphic card. I just don't want it to be lower than what I already have, I want the same or better performances with the new graphic card, but it must allow me to use three monitors.

I don't really know what specs you need to know if my computer can support the new graphic card, but here's some informations about what my computer have, if it's relevant at all :

(Informations from '' Can you Run it '')
CPU : Intel Core i5-2500K CPU - 3.30 GHz
RAM : 8.2 GB

Oh, also, the three monitors connect with DVI, but one of them can connect through HDMI too, I'm pretty sure, so if the graphic card has 3 DVI it's perfect, but if there's two DVI and HDMI it should also work too !

So yeah, I think that's about it ! Thanks !
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  1. An R9-280 is what you're looking for.

    Install new video card, remove Nvidia drivers using Driver Fusion, reboot, then install AMD Catalyst drivers.
  2. Best answer
    I would remove the drivers first, then install the GPU.

    And at $300, you can get the 280x, which is worth the extra over the 280.

    Has 2 DVI and an HDMI output.
  3. Thank you for your fast answers ! :)

    The first one seems good, but sadly it doesn't seem to have 2 DVI

    So I think I'll go with the 280x! Thank you ! Also, what is the best way to remove the actual drivers ?
  4. You can uninstall them through the normal 'Programs - Uninstall' through the control panel just fine. Just make sure to remove the graphics driver, and anything made by NVIDIA as well.

    To be extra-safe, download and run this, and delete everything related to NVIDIA:
  5. Perfect ! Thank you very much ! :)
  6. No problem, enjoy the upgrade :) Will be a LARGE step up!
  7. Awesome ! :D
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