Help with build ~$800-$1100 range

I am brand new to building computers and am trying to get a start on my first gaming setup. I have done some background research and come up with a build, but I have no idea how it stacks up in cost vs. performance. I'm coming in from basically no knowledge about computer hardware, so any helpful comments, criticism or suggestions would be very much appreciated!

Current list of parts on
(not sure if this link is ok to use here)

Approximate Purchase Date: Next 4-6 months (flexible timing).

Budget Range: $800-1100 for system (not including keyboard, mouse, or monitor).

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Primary: Gaming. Secondary: Internet/movies.

OS: Will buy separately, assuming Windows 8.1

Parts Not Required: Mouse.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:, Amazon prime or any reputable site.

Country/State/City: United States, Illinois, Chicago

Parts Preferences: No particular preferences.

Overclocking: Maybe? Undecided on this.

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe. More likely no.

Monitor Resolution: Unknown, I would need to buy a monitor, and would likely buy one fitting what the system is capable of. I will probably tackle that issue after getting the computer set.

Additional Comments: Current build comes in at ~$1100, which is really stretching my budget. Any ideas on where I could shave some money off of the build without sacrificing too much performance? Leftover $ would hopefully go towards a monitor and keyboard.

Apologies in advance for any omissions or glaring errors. I definitely feel like I am jumping in a bit over my head at this point, so I may have forgotten something quite important!

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  1. You could save a few dollars by going with an Asrock Fatality Killer but the MSI GD65 is a pretty good mobo. Save about $5 on ram by going with g skill ram.

    Also, if you want to overclock in the future then you would need a i5-4670k CPU since the 4670 is a locked cpu and can't be OCd.

    Edit: if you don't want to overclock you could keep the same cpu but get a H87 motherboard, those are typically around $100. Also if you aren't OCing you wouldn't need an aftermarket cooler. A no-OC build usually saves about $100
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