What is my best option for triple monitor display

I am not a crazy gamer and don't have any overkill system quite the opposite actually. My rig is only mid-range with nice specs for me at the moment but I really want triple monitor display for gaming and I have for a while now. All I want to know is what could I do to achieve the display like more Ram or more importantly I think what card could I get to pair in SLI with my current card. But anyway please give any suggestions and just to say I'm not really a graphics whore and can live with lower than ultra settings which is what I'm pretty sure I am going to have to do so yeah please help anyone :D.

PC Specs -

-8GB Corsair Vengance 1600mhz RAM
-AMD FX-6300 6 core 4.1ghz (with water cooling + over clocked)
-Sapphire AMD Radeon 7870 2gb
-500 watt PSU
-Windows 7 Ultimate
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  1. You wanna give us your PC specs?
  2. Kekoh said:
    You wanna give us your PC specs?

    HAHAHA omfg sarry I can't believe I forgot that lol
  3. What games do you plan of playing @ 5760x1080? What kind of fps are you looking to get at that resolution?
  4. Presler said:
    You can xfire only with the same card you already have, you'll hve to buy that same card again and xfire it. You can even 3 way xfire it. With 3 way crossfire, you can easily play game with triple setup even at ultra settings. Or you can sell this graphics card and sli two nvidia 780 tis.

    Ok thanks
  5. Crossfire 7870's might be a little weak for triple monitor gaming. It would have decent power but 2GB of VRAM might reduce performance by quite a bit.

    I mean it would probably run 5760x1080, but on medium, maybe low settings? Depending on your budget, it might be a good idea to sell your current card and get a single powerful card like a 290X or 290. I always prefer a single pwoerful card to a dual gpu setup.
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