Which distro of linux has features that differ from windows 7?

i am thinking about dual booting linux, but im not sure which version to choose. i was wondering which version/distro of linux has features that windows do not have, just little things which would make dual booting linux worth it, as at the moment i can only see linux to be for someone who doesnt like the windows os or does not want to pay for an os. So, which distro has features that would make me or you want linux dual booted?
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  1. All of them bring something to the table. Linux is highly customizable which is probably what brings most of us to it. Ease of use or programming or lack of viruses free to experiment and a sense that you and not Microsoft owns your computer are way up there as well. Not to mention ability to fix windows when it breaks. Start with Ubuntu or mint to cut your teeth then have a look at others.
  2. Ubuntu has a completely different interface (the Unity desktop). Great for laptops and smaller devices and has the most radically different look to it.

    XUbuntu and LUbuntu (or other distributions featuring XFCE and LXDE desktops, respectively) look more like Windows, but they are the most lightweight of the Ubuntu distributions. They will run snappier with fewer background processes than Windows.

    By contrast, KUbuntu (or others based on KDE desktop) will offer the most eye candy such as 3D graphics.

    They are all going to be different from Windows, but sometimes in completely opposite directions. All you can do is try them out and decide which ones you like best.
  3. If i had to recommend one id say go with KDE mint. I run it on the old lady's laptop and she likes it. its easier to get the hang of i think and is more visually pleasing than most imo.
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