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1st build (almost done!) need help with fan configuration and case.

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May 11, 2014 4:03:12 AM

Here's the build:

CPU - Intel Core i5-4670K - 3.4GHz - Socket 1150 – Unlocked
GPU - MSI GeForce GTX 770 Gaming - 2GB – PCI-E
Motherboard - MSI Z87-GD65 GAMING - Socket 1150 – ATX
Ram - Crucial 8GB - PC3-12800 – DIMM
SSD - Crucial M500 120GB
HDD -Western Digital Black 1TB
CPU heat-sync - Enermax ETS-T40
Power Source - Cooler Master Thunder B700 - 700 Watt

I've gotten this far mostly by thorough research on the various parts but I've hit a wall in the form of cooling. I'm also not too sure exactly what case to go for. I want to overclock the cpu and gpu as far as I can, which for me; means lots of fans.

I want to overclock the cpu to 4.6ghz @ 1.26v
I want to overclock the gpu Memory Offset by putting it on 350 MHz, this should give a total of 7.7 GHz ram speed. I've read it can be pushed to 8ghz though.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what type of case will best suite my needs. I know the case has to accommodate the fans and that the fans must connect to the motherboard. I know that some fans push cool air into the tower and some are best used to pull hot air out. I know there are different size fans for different parts of the case but it seems you're limited by the finite space on the motherboard; so you can't just buy ten fans and replace the walls of the tower with them :chaudar:  Where to place the fans on the case for optimum cooling is beyond me.

The motherboard specs:
Internal I/O
4-pin CPU fan connector(s) - 2
4-pin system fan connector(s) - 3

I'm also straining my budget as it is, so a good value case is needed; function over fashion.

Some helpful insight would be much appreciated, cheers!

Edit: so to summarize, I really need to know what type of case I should get, what type of fans I should get, and where I should place those fans.

May 11, 2014 5:23:55 AM

I figured it out. Cooler Master N500 - Mid Tower Computer, 4 Arctic F12 PWM 4 Pin 120mm High Performance Case Fan, and Akasa AK-CB002 PWM splitter - smart fan cable.

That should do the trick!