Itching to build a new water cooled rig. Please value my current system

Although my custom gaming pc still runs really well, I want to try and build an over the top watercooled system. I looked at adding one to my system but tbh with the age of the parts I can't really go as extreme as I would like. So I think the best bet is to sell my current rig and put the money towards the next one. I would appreciate any opinions on the value of my system, the specs are as follows:

Corsair 800D case
Gigabyte G1 Sniper X58 MOBO (1366)
Intel core i7 930 @ 2.8 Ghz
Corsair H80 CPU cooler (older version with the pump speed button)
12Gb Corsair 1600Mhz RAM (9-9-9-24 I think)
500Gb Caviar Blue HDD (I have others installed but would probably remove them for sale)
EVGA nVidia GTX 770 ACX 2Gb
Corsair HX 850 PSU
All fans replaced with water bearing silent type fans
Scythe 5.25 Fan Controller
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  1. Less than $400 .
  2. Ouch! Thanks for your estimate. I knew it wouldn't be that much but £240 ($400) is painful. I was thinking at least double that, showing my naivety I guess. I may wait 6 - 12 months then as I don't think I could live with spending £2000 on a new albeit awesome system knowing that there won't be that much difference in performance from the old one which sounds like it is worth next to nothing :(
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