Do I really need to install other programs on a separate partition from Win7 ?

In updating my ThinkPad from XP, have installed a new HDD and Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit. I set up three partitions: "C" for the operating system, "D" for all other programs, and "F" for my files.

As I install other programs, such as Adobe Reader and Flash, Belarc Advisor, printer drivers, I usually am not given the option to choose a "custom install" or otherwise install them into "D". They go straight into the "C" partition.

Question: Is there still a meaningful advantage in trying to keep "C" just for the operating system? I am a average computer user, not using particularly unusual or unstable programs.

If not much advantage to do this, I may just consolidate the "C" and "D" partions, keeping my files seperate as before. I have seen some references to changing the default installation directory, but wonder if that might introduce more issues.

Thanks, Chris NC
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  1. There is no advantage other than personal preference. If the drive is large enough and you are using a single OS on it, why partition at all?
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