Which notebook / ultrabook ? ASUS S56CM-xx130h vs Acer Aspire 7740


Iam considering buying a notebook/ultrabook for school,

However i seem to have these options:
Acer Aspire 7740 for $250

17.3" LED
intel core i5 2.25ghz quadcore
6gb ram
320gb hdd samsung sprintpoint
ATI radeon 5650 1GB

+ Will have to buy a new battery for $70


Asus S56C-XX130H for $385

15.6" LED
Intel core i5-3317 Ivy Bridge
4GB DDR3 1600mhz
Nvidia GeForce GT635M 2GB

These are both pre-owned.

The way i see it, the Asus definitely wins, lighter, thinner, smaller, maybe even slighly higher performance..

Reason iam asking is just to make sure iam not missing anything here, would the asus be good choice ?

Official budget is $350 so the asus is a bit over it, yet still seems far more superior.

I will also greet any other recommendations
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  1. I would go for the Asus, way more powerful as you said, you will be paying a little more then your budget but it's well worth it.

    If I may ask what will you be using your Laptop for? Homework, music?
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