Asus Z87-A no pci-e 3.0 option in bios only auto, gen1 and gen2

Hello guys,

i was looking at my bios settings today of the asus Z87-A and noticed that there is no PCI-E gen3 (3.0) only auto, gen1 and gen2. Can some one tell me how to get gen3 working on this motherboard?. I am suing a MSI gtx 770 gaming OC card.

thnx in advance
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  1. According to the manual for the Z87-A, there is no "Gen3" setting for PCIe speed in BIOS Setup.

    You should be able to leave it set on AUTO and have the motherboard auto detect what generation video card you have.
  2. ok so it is by default on pcie 3.0 then? because this motherboard supports pcie 3.0 i have checked that before buying it.
  3. Yes, default is to PCI-E 3, the Gen 1 and Gen 2 are if you encounter problems (which you shouldn't) but might especially if mixingtwo different cards or SLI/Xfire w/ older cards
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