Will Using a 27in monitor affect my frames vs a 24in at 1080p?

I have this question because right now i don't know if a 27in monitor will hurt my frames vs a 24in one, both at 1920x1080 because I am trying to get games at 1080p on medium with 45FPS. Also which one should i upgrade first the CPU or GPU and if this affects anything i play almost exclusively multiplayer games. Thanks for the help! :)

The moniter is: Acer H276HLbmid 27.0"

Graphics Card is: Radeon HD 7750

and the CPU is: FX-6300
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  1. If you will be playing at 1080 on each, then it won't make a difference frame wise. But why get a 27" screen if your going to just play it at 1080? The pixels will be larger on the 27" making the game look fuzzier.

    Also, a GPU will be more important if you plan on playing at higher resolutions.
  2. The size of the monitor doesn't matter. the resolution does, so as long as the resolution is the same, it won't affect frame rate.
  3. It shouldn’t affect you if you are still running at 1080p. but if you jumped up to 1200p or 1440p then you are adding more pixels that your GPU needs to render. But at 1080p on a 27” you are still running the same amount of pixels as a 24” monitor, but since you have a bigger screen the images are not going to be as sharp/clean, because you are stretching them out over a larger area. So if you sit close to your monitor I would say stay at 24”, but if you sit farther back then go with the 27”.
  4. Do you know of any good IPS monitors with a resolution of 1920x1080 above 22in for FPS games?
  5. If both monitors are 1080p then no it won't affect the FPS as they have the same amount of pixels to push.
  6. Usually for fps games you want to go with TN panels for better response time and higher hz found in high end monitors. IPS has better colors but has quite a bit more response time.

    Just making sure you are aware of this.
  7. if by online u mean somehing like wow it'll be okay its more about graphic card and 7750 can handle games like wow at ultra setting on a 27" but if by online u mean games like bf 4 then u have to change your graphic card cuz 7750 is a low profile , economic card with decent price

    so my suggestion are :

    R7 250x +-100$
    R7 260x +-120$
    R9 270x +-200$
    R9 280x +-290$
    R9 290 +-380$

    those all have nice output compared to price
  8. i changed my graphics card to a 750ti because it seems most people are getting max overclock out of it and it's just $124 right now and my monitor would be this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Pr oduct.aspx?Item=N82E16824236153
    if theres something wrong with it just tell me and i know TN panels have faster response and Hz but i want teh nice colors over what TN panels offer
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