GTX 650Ti 2GB VS GTX 750 1GB

Im trying to figure out which is better, the 650Ti with 2 gigs or the 750 non Ti with only 1 gig.....couple more things:

-I dont think the 650Ti Im looking at (in best buy) is the "Ti BOOST" though im not sure. It IS a 2gb one though. If I find out it IS a Ti Boost, I probably will buy it over the 750..
--650Ti 2G is 100$. The 750 1GB is 115$.. but price doesnt matter to me in this case. Both cards made by EVGA,.
-The price for the 750 was 150$ originally until I matched with an internet price (115$) it would be nice to know that im getting a good deal. though the 650Ti is priced nicely too.
-I would buy a 750Ti if I had 150$ to spend but I dont.
-I have not found a benchmark comparison website for these two particular cards.. Ive seen comparisons between the 650Ti Boost (2GB) and the 750 1GB but none for the regular 650Ti 2GB vs 750..

I dont really understand how video memory affects performance.....maybe someone could fill me in a little bit and help figure out which one to buy
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  1. Hi,

    Nowadays video memory is becoming more and more important, usually for all high end applications and it is sort of a 'must' to have atleast 2GB. Basically, video memory enables higher resolutions and larger screens, you need 2GB atleast for gaming. 1GB is only really good enough for light work that doesn't put strain on the gpu. Mind you, the 750 may be a slightly better, newer and more optimised card but for the 2GB thing and price, I would defo go with 650 (Ti) since it is good for the future too if u sli or upgrade. Also, I feel 750 is more an entry level than 650 because it is a low TDP, low spec card for gamers who just want some performance at low prices and aren't too bothered about graphics quality or frames.... anyway have a look at this,

    650vs 750
    650ti vs 750
    650ti vs 750ti

    hope this helps!
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