missing restore points after startup repair with Win7 install disc


i planed to do a system restore, boot with win7 disc, the restore point was there, but a the installer warned me: found startup errors, fix it! I press ok, system restarted. after win7 boot up my earlier restore point are all gone, and the security option was turned off on C drive. Is there any chance I can get back my restore points? Before I do the startup fix, I made a system image from the system, it's a 30GB VHD file. Is is possible it contains the restore points? thank.
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  1. It's possible but thing is the restore point probably also contains the errors that caused you to need to run the startup repair in the first place so running it may make the system unuseable again. Best to just remain with the startup repair accomplished. Is there any particular reason you feel the need to run the restore point (ie. missing updates, programs, etc.) ?
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