Upgrading graphics card and having case problems.

I would like to put the video card above into my HP envy Pheonix 810-150se "best value"

This is my PC. Will it fit in my case? I know i should up the power supply to something a bit higher.

Please help, the default 640 is not the greatest. I may not need the 780, but i sure want it.
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    It's difficult to find any detailed specs on the case you have (just a few pictures of the internals); your best bet would be to get inside and take some measurements yourself. The case is quite small, while the graphics card you're looking at is pretty long (10.5 inches), so measure the maximum length of graphics card you can fit.

    Oh, and yes, you're right, depending on the quality of the PSU you have (probably quite poor), you may need to replace it before upgrading.
  2. With the side off, measure from the top edge(where it is screwed down) of the installed card in the PCI X16 slot towards the front of the case, The first obstruction that you run into is the length limit for your new graphics card.
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