Hello. New GTX 660 crash :/ faulty ?

Hello , i got new asus gtx 660 twin frozr . Its crash on every game i try to play after 1-2 minutes . Temp are low. Got no idea whats wrong.
On FURMARK it crashes in 20-30 seconds even on low resolution. Currently newest drivers installed. Tryed older drivers but still same problem. :(
Did cpu stress test for 20min max temp 60c.
Memory test OK aswell.

I took video : http://youtu.be/j8p1o3PUk5s

Any ideas ?

Comp spec.
Q6600 processor.
Kingston ddr2 ram.
750w ARTIC RED psu.
Original DEll e520 motherboard.
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  1. Seriuosly ? its the second psu i bought. Before i had noname 600w . had same problems.
  2. Thank you for answer. I just want to be sure its not GPU failing . As i understand and what can you see on video i think if it was GPU fail maybe whole screen should be blinkin at the moment drivers stops working ? now its just furmark screen...

    PS it never crashed on normal use , while watchin HD videos on youtube, browsing internet etc . Fails just on games , benchmarks etc.
  3. Underclocked and set graphic settings on game low i can play without any problems. power is not overreaching 50% its ok. over 60% boom. crash..
  4. Ordered CORSAIR TX650W on ebay . I will let everybody know once i will install it.
  5. Hello again after installed corsair tx650 psu still same problem. During furmark at around 40 sec this time screen goes black and freezes.. Faulty GPU ? Any other ideas what i might did wrong ?
  6. I have same problem but my monitor turn off and dont recover from drivers....currently send it for replacement if it was like mine i would say rma your card now i think its software
  7. Fixed my problem :)) i tryed to use another 6pin power cable for GPU as corsair tx650 got 2 of them. Then i noticed that mu GPU are kinda loose it was kinda hangin so i fixed that aswell. now it holds fine.
    Boot up my pc. turn on FURMARK and i was really surprised managed to run it for more than 10 min and i had no problem. tryed couple games NFS Rivals and Splinter Cell blacklist on ULTRA settings on 1680x1050 resolution. No problem at all. No crashes or nothink. Temp stay's between 50-60c on load .:)
    At the moment i use newest drivers 337.88 .
  8. So maybe it wasnt put in pcie slot in proper way?
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