Quad Core or Hexa Core? (Playing Games with High Graphics while Opening Browser)

Quad Core or Hexa Core? (Playing Games with High Graphics while Opening Browser)
I am wondering, which is better? May it be AMD or Intel.

And will games in the future be using more than 6 Cores, if ever, how many years until so?
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  1. Go with intel for better fps gains. For multi tasking though, you should go with amd. Unless you are able to stretch your budget (not sure what it is) I would go with a intel core i7 4770k, which will out-perform any amd cpu, even their hexa-cores.
  2. A browser doesnt really take up that much resources (well maybe memory if you are like me and have a bundle of youtube videos up). My quad core 4670k is perfectly fine with both firefox and chrome up, as well as playing my game on highest settings. You only want hexa-core intel if you are doing the really cpu intense stuff. Games, while they can tax the cpu, won't tax 6 intel cores.

    I'd personally recommend a good intel quad core like the 4670 (or k), but only if you have the budget. An AMD can work just fine, Intel can just pack a little extra punch with its stronger cores (for the type of things you will be doing anyway).

    Im sure at some point 6 cores will be more of a mainstream thing but right now many don't even use 4 I believe. Quad core is supposed to be the norm I think for gaming systems now, with older systems probably still using dual core. And since the console cpu arent really in the same class as desktop cpu I don't know how accurate it would be to use those as evidence for games needing more cores in the future (as many an FX 8xxx series cpu promoter will say)
  3. That depends on the exact models of the CPU's. You can't compare CPU's of different product families simply based on core count.

    Having a browser open isn't taxing. I'd grab a Haswell i5.
  4. haswell i5 or if you have the budget then i7, 4770k is truly a wonderful CPU
  5. It really doesn't matter how many years it'll be before games start to use 6 cores more, because even in games that use 6 cores, a quad-core i5 will beat any hexa-core AMD CPU.
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