Creating an external hard drive menu system for home theatre use.

I have an external hard drive on which I store ripped movies (legal backups), I use this system to save wear and tear, and in part because i don't want to change discs if i don't have to.

The problem is, i am not happy with the menu system that either my TV, or my blu-ray player provides for accessing the hard drive. What I want to know is whether I can do something about that, without buying new hardware. I know that DVD's use an auto-loading menu system, which appears to be somewhat programmable, and wanted to know if I could create a similar Interface for my hard drive, that would either auto-load, or be executable within the standard menu system?

Happy to elaborate on anything, just looking for a pointer or two in the right direction.
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  1. so, basically you just dont like how windows or your bdr show the files in a list?

    on the bdr there isnt much you can do about it. you can rename the files to make it easier to navigate but thats about it. say for instance it automatically gets alphabetically sorted... you could use titles like [scifi]godzilla, [scifi]powerrangers, [act]brokenarrow, [act]stealth and it would sort like

    if you used the comptuer you can always use media center or another program like it to organize your media even better.
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