A good 24 inch Monitor for 1080p gaming?

I have an AMD FX8350 cpu and MSI Radeon R9 280(not 280x) gpu. I'm mainly going to be gaming and web browsing with this setup. I play mostly MMOs, MOBAs, and RPGs, but with my new setup I might start playing some FPS. I'm upgrading from a 5-6 year old 17.3 inch laptop at 1440x900 so I'm assuming most displays will look nice to me.

I am looking for a monitor between 22-24 inches and 1080p. I would be really happy paying under $200 and don't want to exceed $300. There is a 10% off deal at the BenQ store with code Memorial2014 and there should be some good Memorial Day weekend sales at other stores so I'm hoping for some good deals.
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  1. look for the Benq XLT range with 120Hz/144Hz refresh rates, if within budget, defiantly go for one.
  2. BenQ's are great monitors, if you can find one in your budget I'd go with that. My other choice of monitor would be Samsung.
  3. Thanks for your responses, I have heard good things about the: Asus VG248QE, Asus PA248QE, Dell UltraSharp U2412M and U2413, BenQ RL2460HT, and BenQ XL2420TE. Would you know anything about those monitors and be able to make a recomendation?

    The BenQ RL2460HT is going for $147 its Refurbished going for $197 with a $50 off code.
  4. I tend to prefer this range:

    BenQ XL2420TE, 144Hz over the RL's 60Hz.
  5. Thanks but the XL's are all over $300 and I don't see the point in spending that much for a TN panel
  6. I do realize that the price is high, but that is what to expect for 120/144hz monitors.
  7. Yuno Fukkame said:
    Dont get the samsung one.. That stand is complete ass. I would say either the BenQ or Asus one.

    aha....no. That Samsung is the best one form that list. I am buying a 4k monitor with that exact same base, looked at it and saw it in stores, not only does it look good it holds the screen nicely (with 28", the screen is going to wobble a bit, that's what to expect).

    That Samsung listed has a PLS Panel, which Samsung offer the best screens available, that will give you the best viewing experience, all from a trusted supplier.
  8. Thanks I'll be getting the Samsung
  9. great choice, won't disappoint.
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