Power Supply Wattage for Gaming Rig

Sup, friendly neighborhood experts.

I'm building myself a ~1100$ gaming rig, and outlined the following:


Graphics Card:


2x4GB Kingston DDR3 1600mhz sticks

1TB, 36MB cache, 7200 rpm SATA3

And now I'd like to ask people who understand power supplies which wattage I will need for the above setup, and which brands to look for and avoid. I might get a second card for crossfire once I gather some more money for it.

EDIT: Would this be a good choice?


Thank you in advance for your time!
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  1. Hey there!
    The component in your pc that sucks alot of power is the graphics card! So for your rig, the 650W psu will fit just perfect :) I will recommend Corsair and Cooler Master!

    BUT if you are going crossfire with this, a 750W will be the way to go!
  2. For dual cards you want at least an 750w PSU.

    Seasonic is the best brand. Antec and XFX are also good brands; seasonic makes many of their psus aswell.

    I have the 620w version and haven't had any problems with it for 3 years. 5 year warranty
  3. That xfx PSU is plenty for a single 270. You could actually get a 550w xfx.

    Edit: Yea I would go with 750W for crossfire..
  4. power requirements:

    Z77 motherboard chipset : 8 watts
    GPU R9 270 : 120 watts MAX while gaming
    DDR3 RAM : 8 watts each stick - 16 watts
    i5-330P : ~70 watts
    HDD : 10 watts

    TOTAL 224 watts

    2 things:

    please do not have an upgrade path of Xfiring a lower end card. stepping up to a better single card is much more advisable. and also don't get a PSU with wattage that is more than twice the amount you need - you completely throw efficiency out the window.

    this will work if you are on a budget:
    Antec VP-450 Price: $37.99 & FREE Shipping.

    though it doesn't have PFC it still provides good efficiency:
    Antec VP450 Power Supply Review
    Power supplies without a PFC circuit usually provide, at least at some point, efficiency below 80 percent. However, this simply didn’t happen with the VP450, which presented efficiency between 80.3% and 85.5 percent. This unit, though, can’t qualify for the 80 Plus certification, as a PFC circuit is required to obtain it.

    In addition, most budget power supplies have a fake label that says the unit has two +12 V virtual rails, while in reality the power supply doesn’t have an over current protection circuit, which is necessary for the power supply to have more than one +12 V rail. This doesn’t happen with the VP450, which really has two +12 V over current protection channels.
  5. yep totally legitimate that a manufacturer recommends their own beefier PSU for a system that will use < 250 watts: :pfff:

  6. Crossfire Ready \ Semi-Modular and made by SEASONIC.

    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks

    Power Supply: Antec HCG M 750W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply ($75.00 @ NCIX US)
    Total: $75.00
    (Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available.)
    (Generated by PCPartPicker 2014-05-25 12:40 EDT-0400)
  7. I am getting the XFX PRO750W Core Edition 80+ Bronze http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0045L4BJ6 (Now I just need to get good graphics cards so that I can reach the 40% load *sigh*)

    The Antec 900 has the windowed side so HCG M 750W might be a better idea if you care about tidiness and airflow. I have the HCG M 620W and it is amazingly quiet. For me personally I prefer the non modular PSU now that I have a good sized mid-tower since the modular power supplies have a modular board that uses different capacitors and it is easy enough to bundle the wires next to the power supply in any mid tower with bottom mount PSU
  8. The Antec HCG semi/modular psu's are Seasonic rebrands, arguably the best there is. The non-modular are made by Delta, arguably the best there is. Either way, you are looking at excellent psu's, in a select group of 'the best there is'.
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