Is this good PSU for My GPU ?Please read and suggest!

I am buying a nvidia zone edition gt630 in few months
My PC Specs are
3ghz intel dual core e5700
Simmtronics g41 Intel chip m/b
230w Simmtronics PSU
Can I buy this gpu and install to my computer easily,will my mobo support it,will my psu support it or should I buy this new PSU -
Please answer fast
Thanks for reading
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    DO NOT BUY!!. It is a cheap PSU that won't supply the correct wattage so will damage components, isn't 80+ so has terrible efficiency and will kill itself and all the other components as soon as you turn it on. Get something that is at least 80+ like a corsair CX430M. And yes, get a new PSU and maybe consider upgrading the other parts or a complete new rebuild. You're still running an LGA 775 CPU? Spend some more and get a decent build
  2. That PSU can not be found outside India so I found no reviews either. I suggest at least the corsair VS350 on that website which will be enough to power that processor (which sips little power as it is a 45nm model) and that very reasonable GT630.

    That corsair is 1915rs, I know it is much more....
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