Cosmos SE / Storm Trooper front fans mod

After searching amongst many cases, i've ended up with Cosmos SE and Storm Trooper. They have most of the things i want in a case (agrresive style, handles, dust filters, removable HDD bays/smart SDD mounts, nice front IO, cable management).
The only thing i dont like about them is the mounting of the front fans for both cases.

Cosmos SE has a despicable mounting for the front fans since it blocks 1 of the 5.25 bays (if you need a blue-ray recorder + fan controller you have to remove 1 fan) and the lower fan seems like its LED is cut in half

The Storm trooper has its fans mounter on the HDD bays which means you cant keep that space clear while having the front fans mounted.

So to the final question, is there an easy way to mod either of these cases so that the fans are mounter properly? (move down the fans, removing the lower HDD bay for Cosmos SE / mount the fans w/o the HDD bays in place for Storm Trooper)

Also any other suggestion about other cases is welcome, as long as they have the specs i want.
A perfect case for me would be the Cosmos SE's external appearance with NZXT Phantom 630 internals
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  1. Bump. No modders in here?
  2. Bump, I have the Cosmos se, and overall great, somewhat luxury case, but the front fan mounting, and the bulky front fan/hdd mountain plastic is annoying. Help please!
  3. GUYS I managed to mod mine so i now have 3 fans in the front!!! Willl post picks shortly unless this thread is dead
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