770 gtx shutdown on unigine heaven.

Greetings to everyone...

This is the first time i post here and i have a serious problem that goes bac over 2 months, still cant find the sollution...

i have an old pc but its still ok for me.(planning to upgrade it)
intel q6600
asus p5q
2x1gb ocz gold xtc rev2
xfx xtr 650w
palit gtx 770

The problem is that when i run unigine heaven the pc shuts down after some minutes.Additionay it shuts down when i play dark souls 2.It also shuts down some times when i touch the case.
the problem existed with my 570 gtx and i RMAed it to a 770 gtx.still exists.i also bought the xfx psu ad still exists.

I really dont know what is happening and everytime i was able to solve my problems alone but know i really dont know what to do.

Im planning tommorow to test the mobo and the system on the table outside the case to see if there is electricity leakage or something.
Temperatures are fine when the shutdwn occurs..

Do you have any solution or somethin???

Thanks in advance.
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  1. did you overclock the GPU? if so you could have pushed it to far, and the GPU shuts down to prevent damage.

    The whole touching the case i am not sure, maybe your PUS has a bad connection causing a short.
  2. Run memtest on your ram sticks. You could have a bad ram module.
  3. the memtest is the only thing i havent done yet.i used the ram test of windows and it was fine.
  4. it was the case after all...the system outside the case works perfectly..
  5. What do you mean the case?
  6. the pc case...its a carbide 200r...when i took off the mobo everything works fine..even though the mobo now is on a table it never shuts down randomly..and i want to figure out where the electricity leakage is..is it really the case or it is a motherboard problem...
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