Need Help on PCIE Bandwidth Please & GPU PCIE Lane Usage - 4x / 8x / 16x

Good Afternoon Gents & Ladies.

I currently have a ROG MAXIMUS VI HERO motherboard. I am running two R9 280x in Crossfire.

The first GPU is located in the red 16x PCIE 3.0 slot, the second one in the red PCIE 3.0 slot. IS the second one running in 8x mode?

There is also a 3rd PCIE slot below the red one which is black but only supports PCIE 2.0 4x.

My question is, what are the differences between the lanes and can I say put one GPU in a red slot and the 2nd in the black slot? Will this reduce performance etc.?

Thank you for any help
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  1. on the asus website, it says you can run in x16 mode (single gpu) or dual x8 mode (dual gpu). don't put a gpu in the last slot, that will slow you down. The dual x8 configuration is good, and will only be a few fps slower if anything
  2. Thank you :)
  3. no problem
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