Good headset for gaming(PC&Xbox 360)

I've been on the hunt to look for the most reasonable good audio quality headset that can be used on both PC & Xbox 360.

I prefer something in the low range of $100s to be fair enough.

For example the ATH-ADG1, ATH-AD1 would be a little too expensive at $300.

Astro A40($250) could have been my choice, however there are too many reviews that states about audio quality, and minor issues especially on the 2013 model.

Sennheiser U 320($120) is my top choice, however there are too few reviews.

I might also just go with Turtle Beach, but they're a gaming headset company after all, and when compared to Sennheiser I assume Sennheiser will be much better.

So I just go in circles like this and am unable to decide.

I've been on the Turtle Beach X11 and they blew me away the first time I used them. The sounds I never heard before when using the TV speakers were audible. This pair is my only headset I ever owned, and still living.
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  2. Its like three months after this was posted, but i would recommend Astro A40's with the MixAmp for both xbox and PC. The only thing i can ding the astros on is that the headset doesn't noise cancel at all. Also if you are thinking of another headset then buy the mixamp to. Its AMAZING!!! If you have a surround sound card (or razer surround) you can plug the included 3.5 mm cable into your pc and get surround sound from there as apposed to having the unplug and re-plug the toslink cable each time. Hope it helps!!!
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