BenQ 24 vs 27 inch monitor

Hi first sry if my English is bad anyway i have a
and i was Wondering if its worth upgrading to this

Is there a difference between playing on 120 Hz and 144 Hz
Note im not talking about playing with 3d glasses

If anyone knows or have this monitor is the Picture quality better

also is there any downsides from playing on a 27 Hz monitor instead of a 24 Hz??

and if possible do anyone have a Picture showing the size difference of these to NeXT each other

Hope someone can help
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  1. 24" monitors @ 1080p have the same amount of pixels as a 27" 1080p monitor. the difference is on the 27" monitor the pixels will be larger/stretched to fill the extra screen space. i would stick with the 24" monitor for gaming, you will have a sharper more crisp image. They are both 144hz, If you currently have the XL2420T IMO it is not worth the money as far as upgrading just for that extra 3” of screen.
  2. thanks for your help also in europe they did not change the name so i have the old version that version does not have the flicker free feature or the 144 Hz and my reason for upgrading is because i can sell this to a friend for half the Price of the 27 one
    but are there any other monitors at that Price that are better? the 4k ones are very expensive and i dont think they will come Down to the Price of this anytime soon

    also just curious your monitor is it better??
  3. i do not have personal experience with the BenQ monitor, but i was looking at them when i was shopping, i went with the ASUS over BenQ because of the reviews i read about the out of box colors on the BenQ not being the greatest, and for me it was about $100 cheaper, as well as it being G-sync compatible. I do not currently have G-sync on my monitor, but once the prices on G-sync start dropping I will be purchasing the DIY kit and installing it on my monitor.

    I personally love my monitor, and i think the colors on it are great. I am with you on the 4k monitors, I don’t think they are worth the price, once you take in consideration the initial cost of the monitor, then include the GPU and PSU upgrades required just to run above 60fps. And honestly I have come to love 144hz refresh @1080p, games look amazing and run smooth, I will stick with it over super high resolution for the foreseeable future.

    Here is a review where you can see the XL2720Z and the VG248QE, it looks like the newer XL2720Z performs slightly better than the VG248QE, but with the numbers both monitors are putting up, I don’t think you will be able to tell a difference. they are leaps and bounds ahead of the other monitors reviewed.,3809.html
    I like 24” monitors for gaming but that is just my personal preference.
  4. I have the 24 inch BenQ. Friend has the 27 inch. Go with the bigger monitor. At 1080P in Counter Strike Global Offensive the bigger monitor is a nice advantage because things are easier to see and therefore your game play is improved. Bigger is better when it comes to monitors.

    As for 120hz vs. 144hz, I haven't ever tried 144hz but I don't think it would make much difference. Certainly not as much as the jump from 60 to 120.

    120hz and 1 ms response time makes a HUGE difference in a game like Counter Strike. However, the color on the BenQ monitor I have is crap compared to my IPS panel 1440P monitor. Like, it's absolutely horrible by comparison.

    I really only use the BenQ for CSGO.
  5. Thanks for all your help also i noticed regarding the BENQ that they are soon releasing a new monitor with Gsync but im considering this one instead Asus 27" LED VG278HE its also cheaper than the benq xl2720z
  6. yeah the XL278HE is the 27" version, i think you will be more than happy with it. =)
  7. actually just searched some more and found a ok priced 4k monitor

    Samsung 28" 4K LED 28D590D it will cost me 560 euro but a friend will buy my ben q for 200 euro the thing is im a bit in doubt since that monitor is only 60 Hz guess i have some thinking to do
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