my computer could run COD black ops 2 ?

Hello everyone, i'm about tu upgrade my computer tu do some gaming,

here is the final upgrade

Intel core 2 quad 2.4 GHZ
Nvidia Geforce 210
300Watts power supply

yes, i know it's a very low end GPU
so would you suggest me some very very cheap GPU's with no 6Pin connector and under 300watts power supply ? thanks :D :D

and i could play COD black ops 2 ( with low- medium low ) on this upgrade ? :??:
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  1. nvidia 750 or 750ti if you can afford which require no power connections and an awesome upgrade (6x perfromance of current card) from your current and will most likely play blackops2 on highest settings at 1080p hope this helps
  2. i only choosed Geforce 210 cause i really don't have much money for upgrade, so i can't afford the 750 or 750ti, can you please suggest something less than 70$ ?
  3. yeah sure I would try and grab an old but good card like a 9800gtx or a 285gtx on ebay if you can they are still quite powerful probs still able to play alot of new games on medium-high maybe not watch dogs so much in the highend department if you want a new gfx card you probs looking at an amd 240 but realisticlly if u wanna get a good performer try get a second 9800gtx or a 285gtx if u can get one cheap either a 1gb model or a 2gb if your lucky :D
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