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I was looking to make a cheap computer to stream to using steam os and i was wondering if this would work.

I also play to add a Nvidia 9800gt or AMD 6870 for the gpu.
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    you can probably go with a smaller hard drive if you're only streaming to the system and if you can get an apu or an i3 you would likely be better off than using a 9800gt
  2. I might look at an APU instead but right now in home streaming only supports nvidia graphics cards and also there is no price difference between 500GB and 1TB HDD.
  3. just fyi only the stream server needs to have an nvidia card the client can be pretty much whatever you want
  4. Are you sure?
  5. i've done it. I used my desktop with two gtx 560s as the stream server with my moms laptop as the client it only has an i5 so it only had intel graphics and it ran perfectly
  6. were you using steam os to stream though?
  7. Bucko08 said:
    were you using steam os to stream though?

    good point no they were both running windows and i keep forgetting that actual steam os requires nvidia i've only ever run steam os as an added environment to ubuntu which technically circumvents that. and i have yet to try running it but i will definitely do so soon to play around with it. though to be fair I have a feeling that any card that predates the gtx x00 series cards won't fair well with this stuff any way and you may be better off with a newer card like a gt 610
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