CPU usage running very high lately, especially during gaming.

So just recently when I played Battlefield 4 in quite some time I noticed that my PC was having difficulty and sever framerate drops and massive stuttering. At first I thought it had something to do with my ping before a message showed up telling me that BF4 was using 100% of my CPU. This has never happened to me before while playing this game, and I started playing minecraft also and it turns out that I'm running very high on my allocated memory and physical memory also. About 75-90% on my physical memory usage out of 910 mb, and my allocated memory runs that high also upper 80-90 out of 910 mb. I've run numerous virus scans, and malware scans. The virus scans always come up with nothing, and I've removed several malware through malware bytes. I've check my applications to see if there is a background program running that I don't know about and there is not one. I'm running about 86 process, and the only thing that seems to be eating a lot of memory are the 7 google chrome process collectively. (which I assume there are that many process for the apps I have on chrome. I only have 3 chrome apps though, so maybe that is a problem.) I have ran out of ideas, and hopefully someone can help me out. My PC has never had any difficulty running BF4 on ultra settings before and only recently had this started happening to it. My specs are as follows;

CPU: Intel i5 4670 @ 3.4 Ghz
GPU: GTX 770
OS: Windows 7 64 bit.
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  1. I think that you may have unwanted programs starting up with the computer if your running windows 8 click task manager and click startup and go through all the programs that start up. If u don't want to take this route go and download C Cleaner this will clean out cookies and can check your startup progarms. You can also clean the registry with C cleaner and that might help. If all else fails it might be time to reset your computer and re-install windows but before you do that you can try to re-slot your ram (sorry i dont remeber what its called)
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