Odd CPU Cooler Fan Speed Changes

My PC has been having odd and quite heavy fluctuation in fan speeds. Whenever I play, the fan sometimes starts spinning very fast and then slows down for some time and then starts it again. Sometimes it takes long for it to do that and sometimes not that long. I've been having this problem ever since I built this rig. What could be the issue in this? Could it be the chip that recognizes my CPU's temperature, since Core Temp always shows my CPU temperatures unstable too (the Celsius keeps changing with 2-4 degrees all the time). Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. Could it be that my CPU temperature sensor is broken? The CPU's temperature keeps going something like this in a monitor 51-53-56-50-51-56. This is causing the automatic fan setting to go up and down, since the temperatures are so unstable, I think.
  2. Guys, any help?
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