[Build Help] i5-4440 with a mid-end mobo or i5-4670k with a low-end mobo - 60$ difference

The difference is 60$(The 4670k combo is more expensive ofc)
Intel i5-4440 with a Gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H
vs I
ntel i5-4670k with a ASUS H81M-C or MSI H87M-E33

Will the board with the i5-4670k survive a year? After I buy a new GPU,I plan to buy a Z87 and a cooler and then OC the CPu to about 4.4,
The PC would be used for gaming (Arma 2,BF4 etc)
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  1. It makes no sense. Motherboards have very little effect on performance, whereas CPus are totally affecting performance (that and the GPU, of course). So why put the better CPU on a crappier motherboard when you will in a year throw it away?

    It makes sense to either wait a short while and get the better mobo to go with the better CPU or otherwise you will just waste some money.
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