The Best "Mini-Display Port To HDMI Cables" (2014)

I did some Googling on this and all the hits was outdated (3-4 years old) so i will restart this discussion so the community can can separate the gems from the dirt.

Please share your knowledge and experiences :)

The problem is that this cable was banned by because of some license bullshit.... so Monster decided to liquidate these cables and pretend like they never existed...

Here is a article from 2011 :

Most of the companies liquidated their cables at that point... and most of the cables left are just leftovers...

There is still some manufacturers out there that make them but they have gotten terrible the Belkin cable that was licensed by Apple....

And there is still a ton of unlicensed poor quality cables from China that is flooding the market.....We are not interested in these!

Please suggest a Mini display port > HDMI cable with near Monster quality (if you know what i mean)

And no Adapters and Third Party garbage please.

And it must carry sound offc.

My dilemma is:

I have a computer with a GTX 690 hooked up to a TV and i wanted to switch to a Mini Display Port>Hdmi because my DVI>HDMI adapter have is almost like these things are meant to break because this is my third adapter in 3 years....and it was a Monster product too..........even if the DVI>HDMI is screwed on properly it still wont matter because there is a terrible load on the spot where you put in the HDMI cable... it just breaks after a few months on the HDMI side of the adapter...

So as stated above, i decided to try my luck with a Mini display port >HDMI cable instead.

A Mini display port > HDMI "ADAPTER" won't work because the cable on it is very short and thus it will just hang in the air behind my PC case and cause a ridiculous load on the Output slot which will damage the graphics card.....i speak from experience because this was how the Mini-HDMI output on my old GTX 580 broke -_-
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  1. @Emerald: Most of that that is not Mini-Display cables.

    The only one that is Mini-Display is the Coboc cable but it has been removed from the market just like the Monster cable.

    And even if the Coboc cable was still in production i don't think we would get anything close to Monster quality for $6-10

    The target quality is the Monster Digital Life cable that was liquidated in 2011 for the reasons stated above... if we could get a cable for half that price and close to that quality then everybody is happy because the Apple products and third party products sucks...

    Here some links of the best cable of this type that was ever produced:
  2. I have used another hour to search and i only found Unbranded cables from China for around $5 .... and i'm not touching that.

    But i did find something that piqued my interest... but i have never heard of this company called "Cable Matters".....Does anybody know about this company? because the cable has about 40% bad reviews saying that it stops working after a while.


    oops it seems that the cable from "Cable-Matters" does not carry sound...according to the reviews... so it looks like i'm back at square one dammit x(
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