How could I upgrade my Intel Core i3 2370M processor?

It's for a laptop and I was wondering if it would be better to upgrade it still using a single core? Or should I upgrade it to a dual core? I mainly just want to upgrade it so that I can run better games. And if I did upgrade the processor, would I also have to upgrade the graphics card? Even if I don't care if I have bad graphics? My graphics card is Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000. Please help me answer this question, for I really want to start playing better games then I'm playing now. And if you have any questions please ask. I will be checking up on this frequently. Thanks to whoever helps!!!
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  1. What games do you want to play? Newest games now utilize more than 2 cores.
    And what is your budget?
  2. Wow thanks for fast reply. I'm getting Skyrim and don't want it to be super laggy. So that game and Bioshock Infinite are the main games I'm worried about. And budget depends... I'm trying under $100, but if it's better to pay more then I'm ok with that
  3. So is it a laptop that you are using?
  4. Oh yes, sorry forgot to mention that
  5. I found a good CPU Intel Core i7-3740QM but the problem is, the GPU cannot be changed as it comes with laptop's motherboard, and second is it worth the upgrade? You should better get a new computer with 500$ than upgrading laptop's cpu.
  6. Oh ok well thanks, and if anyone else has options let me know!
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