Password change+email woes

A few days back i had to re-enter my password to get back into my Toms account..trouble is; Its been months since i used it and cant remember it,thats why i opted for my browser AND this site to remember my information. But thats not the (main) problem.

No password change confirmation email ever arrived at my hotmail address,i waited atleast 4 days,tried multiple times to get the password change email to send to Hotmail...alas,there's still nothing in my inbox or my spam folder.

I had to sign in using Facebook to post this which is ridiculous. I do not want Toms Hardware spamming Facebook,or collecting information from Facebook,which i had to allow to post my problem.

Why isnt Hotmail( or whatever they want to call themselves this week) getting emails from toms or why is toms not sending emails to hotmail?

EDIT: Still not getting email notifications from Toms(forum replies).
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  1. Did you previously get emails from Tom's?

    I don't know much about the social network side of things; I've never really jumped on the bandwagon. I'm not sure that we allow access to the same account from both a standard signin and facebook. Are you certain you originally signed up with an email?
  2. Yep,tons and tons of emails from Toms about Forum Replies.

    About signing into the account,since it had been days with no emails reguarding my password i just selected the sign in with Facebook option and it logged me into this account automatically after allowing it to get info from Facebook.

    Still no emails about my password,by the way.

    EDIT: the account is active,just had a friend email me to test it.

    EDIT 2: got ahead of myself and didnt answer all of your questions. Yes im sure i signed up with an email originally, i dislike connecting anything to my facebook.
  3. OK. I'm kind of surprised that a facebook login would attach to the same account as an email one.

    I don't know how our back end is set up, so can't really help that much.
  4. Think you can point someone who does know,this direction? Willing to use another email address at this point.
  5. Gzav, possibly. I believe he's one of the developers.

    Joe (the community manager) is currently away.
  6. Shoot me an email at and I can manually reset your password. Don't usually like to do that via PM since once it has changed, you can't really read the PM to figure out what it changed to. ;)

  7. Email sent.
    Still no automated email from Toms regarding my password,btw.
  8. Best answer
    Reset your account's password manually via our email conversation. Hope all has worked out and is now in order! :)
  9. Yep,thanks!
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