Which 24" 1080p 60hz monitor for gaming and general use.

After researching and store availability in my country, I ended up with these choices.

Asus VE247H (2ms) Price: 8220
Benq RL2455HM (1ms) Price: 10870
LG 24EN43VS (5ms) Price: 8500
Viewsonic VX2452MH (2ms) Price: 8640

I am not after the response time as long as it is 5ms and below. The Benq has the highest price next with viewsonic and then LG and the cheapest is the Asus. I want a monitor that is good in quality and reliability and give me no regrets after all.
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    i would suggest that you read some reviews (x-bitlabs if i remember reviews monitors, or just google it)
    but based on recent models, benq is looking good as well as asus. but those are for 120/144hz model, not sure for other models.

    another suggestion, go to the shop, see the monitor in person, have them bring out the monitor at least 2 models maybe.

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