Custom PC Configuration - building for opinions if I got it right; building PC for the 1st time

Hello experts,

I am building desktop computer for the 1st time. I do light video editing in Sony Vegas and light video gaming. I also plan to use it for development of websites in WordPress, little bit of Photoshop - tasks I don't need much power. Still, I want to make it powerful and last a long time. I have put together this configuration. I am 100% certain about the computer case you see below - I love the look and feel of it and it has great ratings on the Internet. I have two 24 inch monitors - one is Display Port and another one is DVI. So I have picked a video card which supports both inputs so I don't have to buy adapters. Computer case supports 4 Hard Drives, so I want to use up all slots with 3GB Hard Drives and use the front bay for RAID 1 solution. I plan to store data on one top Hard Drive on the front and with RAID 1 setup that data should automatically copy itself to the 2nd Hard Drive. If I ever need to go somewhere and I need data from desktop, I plan just to pull out 2nd Hard Drive from hot swapable bay at the front and take it with me. I hope this can work. I am realying on someone experienced out there to tell me if it will.

And last, if things get complicated, I will take my build to local Fry's and they said they will let me work on it under guidance of technician which is great.

Here is my configuration:

Computer Case
Case: $98.15
With case, purchase Blue LED Fans:
And I plan to use one of the fans that comes with the case and make it exhaust fan.

Hard Drives
Main Hard Drive 500 GB SSD: $240

RAID 1 Solution for backup: $99 – 3TB Seagate Barracuda
RAID 1 Solution (2nd drive) $99 – 3TB Seagate Barracuda

4th Hard Drive I will put inside of the case:

16 GB Memory $ 155

Power Supply: $151.06

Mother Board: – 190 USD

CPU (I am not interested in overclocking, so I will use this CPU as it is my understanding that it is the latest and it is withing my budget)

Video Card: – 140 USD

I appreciate any help and guidance from experts in the community on this.

Thank you so much!

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  1. We need a link to your build.
  2. I updated my post with information required.
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