Toshiba Intel Core i7-4700MQ w/ 8gb of RAM vs HP AMD Quad-Core A10-5750M w/ 16gb of RAM???

I'm looking to get a new laptop as my current one slowly bites the dust (most recently one of the hinges busted off while opening it:heink:). I'd like to get a mid-grade one that will mostly be used for basic everyday use with some video encoding (I have a massive Blu-ray collection and I rip them to hard drives) and maybe the occasional game (I rarely have time, and when I do it'll probably be on a console, no offense). I know that people prefer the i7 over the A10, but would the double RAM on the A10 make it a better performer? I'm not really interested in upgrading the RAM on the Toshiba w/ the i7 because I've read it's a hassle and I tend to brake things before I fix them.

HP ENVY 15z Quad Laptop | AMD A10 | 1080p | Backlit Keyboard

Toshiba Satellite® S55-A5176 Laptop Computer With 15.6" Screen & Intel® Core™ i7 Processor With Turbo Boost Technology

I should also mention that while the HP w/ the AMD A10 will cost about $60 more, being it is from Costco it'll come with an extra year warranty and a 90 return period vs the intel i7 with a 1 year warranty and a 14 day return period (with a 15% restocking fee, unless defective and then I can only return it for the same item).

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Any advice appreciated.
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    Any other opinions please? Also please explain your reasoning if you can, I'm trying to learn a bit here myself.
  3. I don't much about the HP laptop, but I've been testing the Toshiba S55-A5176 since 06-27-14. Got a good deal at Office Depot for $499.99. Anyway, there is a lot of bloat ware on the laptop and several processes running in the background, therefore you will not see the effectiveness of the i7 processor unless this "junk" is removed. After hours of use, the bottom of the system is hot - I had the unit on a laptop desk. Overall, I'm not impressed with the Toshiba. I'm returning to Office Depot on 6-30-14 with no restock fee. If you get the Toshiba, just verify you can return without a restock fee if opened.

    Good luck, I'm still searching for a replacement for my Dell Latitude E5410 I've had for 4 years.
  4. Thanks dem_eyz, I appreciate your input!
  5. Today is the last day to get the HP so if anyone else can chime in, feel free!
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