AMD FX-8350 vs Intel i5 4670k. Which is more powerful for gaming? (not worrying about price)

First time building a desktop. Would appreciate any help regarding CPU choices :)
(currently looking at AMD FX-8350, Intel i5 4670k, AMD FX-9370. In fact, I'm open to options under $250).
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  1. i5.

    Stronger per-core performance on its 4 cores, versus weaker performance spread across 8 cores on the FX.

    Games don't often utilise more than 4 cores, so the i5 wins every time (except some instances in Crysis 3).

    Both are overclockable, but the i5's overclock scales far better than the FX's - more instructions per clock cycle means it performs faster at a lower clock speed (GHz) than the FX.
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