MSAA Display or GPU or CPU Or Cooling Or Fan Problems? HELP!

Wow guys, so recently ive started up my PC again, i got a GTX 770, i7 3770k 3.4 GHz, 8 gb ram, and 89 gb HDD, ( It was 1 terabyte ) So my problem is, What the fuck is wrong with my PC i think i did something wrong with vsync or something cause EVERY game i start has like 30-48 average fps, NOT higher AT ALL, I looked at a benchmark of crysis 3 from a guy with the exact same specs but better cooling than me, and he had like 45 fps average on crysis 3 maxed out with 2× msaa, i get 34 average fps with 2× msaa! and like 62 with FXAA, i want to play with msaa just like the dude with the same specs like me! To make it look way more crisp n shit, any help why msaa takes a HUGE performance hit on my end? Thanks in return! If it wasn't clear yet, Full specs - CPU: i7 3770k @ 3.4 GHz. GPU: Gainward Phantom GTX 770 Stock Clock. RAM: 8 GB RAM, Storage: 1 Terabyte HDD, Operating System: W7 Professional.
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