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SSD: start the new build (<$1000) with one or add one later as upgrade? looking for TH users' opinions. try OP for more info.

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in a new $900-1000 build (gaming-oriented), which part or performance would you trade off (or not) for adding an SSD?

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  • CPU. trade off overclockability or higher cores or hyperthreading, higher clockrate, 3rd party HSF and buy cheaper, locked or lower core cpu.
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  • Motherboard. trade off cpu/ram overclocking, multi gpu options (cfx/sli), more i/o ports.
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  • System memory (RAM) performance and/or capacity. drop from 16GB to 8GB to 4GB.
  • 50 %
  • Graphics card and gaming performance.
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  • Skip the HDD and buy an SSD (128-256GB) instead. add the HDD later.
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  • Buy a cheaper power supply unit, lower quality if necessary.
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  • Any or all of the above. a $900-1000 build is unimaginable without an SSD.
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  • None of the above. keep all the processing performance parts (incl. psu). add the SSD down the line.
  • 50 %
  • SSD are irrelevant for any build.
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  • I don't agree with any of the above options.
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July 1, 2014 9:41:44 AM

the latest system builder marathon's enthusiast pc made an intreresting build under $950. from the article's storage section:
Unwilling to sacrifice processing or graphics performance, I had to make a more significant sacrifice in the storage department. Instead of a mixed SSD/mechanical disk subsystem, this quarter's machine is limited to a 1 TB hard drive.

The full terabyte of capacity is certainly appreciated, as is the low $60 price tag. But you really feel the difference while the PC boots or fires up a benchmark application.

TH forum users had different opinions (incl. me) in the comments thread. this why i started this poll: what do you think, personally? if you were under budget limit ($900-1000), what would you do?

sample parts (price for performance parts only, no case or o.d.d.):
cpu - intel core i5 4690k, $240
cooler - stock, cm hyper 212 evo/x, noctua nh u12s/u14s $30-70
motherboard - asus z97-a $144, gigabyte ga z97x-sli $124, gigabyte g1.sniper z97 $155 etc.
ram - validated 8GB ddr3 1600 ram dual channel kit @$70 to 16GB ddr3 2133 dual channel kit @$160
gfx card - geforce gtx 760 2GB to geforce 770/780 to radeon r9 270 to radeon r9 290 4GB GDDR5, $175-400
power supply - corsair builder cx 750 750w, seasonic s12G 650/750, $90-100
hdd - 1TB @$60

peripherals like display, keyboard/mouse are excluded. however the display(gaming) resolutions are 1080p, 3x 900p, 3x 1080p, at 60Hz, 120-144Hz or higher display refresh rate. o.s. is excluded too. people can choose from win 7 hp oem to win 8.1 oem or linux (distros) or steam o.s.

i've tried to fit as many types of options/opinions as possible, within the 10 choices. apologies if i've left out your preferred one.

keep in mind that component prices change on a daily basis. options open up today may or may not be available tomorrow or later.

i'll ask a moderator to close this thread after the poll-expiration date.

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July 1, 2014 4:44:54 PM

8GB of ram should do you well right now and it is always easy to upgrade ram down the road. Then with the 90$ saved Id get the crucial mx100 128GB ssd or samsung 840 evo which cost around $80