Sims 3 causing my GPU to run over time. Why?

While playing I am getting a minimum of 200 fps which only rises unless I have V-Sync turned on, causing my gpu to get hotter and louder than normal. It doesn't go above 70-80C however. Is there anyway to stop the game from going above 60fps?

I've got a powerful machine which handles plenty of games at ultra and high setting.

Have i7 4790k 4ghz, AMD r9 290 4gb, and 8gb of ram
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  1. Just turn Vsync on in Sims 3 and it should cap your framerate at 60FPS. The Sims 3 isn't a fast paced game so input lag really shouldn't be an issue, so there isn't much reason for you to not use Vsync in this case.
  2. As supernova suggested, enabling vsync will cap your framerate at your monitor's refresh rate, lowering the load on your gpu and letting it run cooler.

    Vsync can cause input lag, but on a static game like the Sims, that's not an issue.

    As a rule of thumb, if you can run a game at a framerate which is averagely much higher than your refresh rate, where input lag is not a problem and/or screen tearing isn't extremely visible, turn on vsync. Otherwise leave it off.
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