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Quick Poll: HIS 7950 Fan 3GB DDR5 or Gigabyte 7850 OC 2gb WIndforce (For gaming purpose)

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Which one is better?

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  • HIS 7950 Fan 3GB DDR5
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  • Gigabyte 7850 OC Windforce edition 2GB DDR5
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July 2, 2014 3:00:34 AM

I am a bit confused.. the fan model is a reference one i think.. some people r telling me the 7850 OC could match the performance of the 7950 stock.. What to do? I play on 1080p
July 2, 2014 5:20:47 AM

Neither. The only reason to buy a last gen card most of the time is to add a 2nd card for crossfire/sli, otherwise they aren't usually a very good deal.

The 7870 is 25% faster than the 7850 and the 7950 is 35% faster than the 7850. You'd be extremely lucky to OC it to 7870 levels.

Why not just buy a new model card? The 270x is right between the 7870 and 7950 in performance and is $85 cheaper than the 7950.