Full page pop-ups, I won't use this site anymore!

I've been an avid reader of Tom's Hardware for at least 10 years, but recently, the advertisements have become so annoying that I will no longer be coming to this site.

It was bad enough when I couldn't look at your website on my phone due to all the pop-up adds, but when I'm on my PC and I get a full page pop-up that I cannot close...I'm done with this site. Cya!
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  1. Firefox with Adblock+ and NoScript will block all of the ads.
  2. Registered users, when logged in, do not see ads.
  3. have you considered the possibility that you may be infected with malware???
  4. Even logged out with no ad-blockers I can't see any pop-ups. I think you might have a malware situation.
  5. I'll have to agree with the OP, I don't typically log into every site I'm registered with. I have been a fan of Tom's for many years, I was hoping it was just a site management error to be corrected soon. I can see from the exceptional answers here that is not going to be the case. So for me it's goodbye Tom's, you lost another one. FYI, no it is NOT a malware problem.
  6. I have a separate browser I use for testing not being logged in, with no content blocking of any sort. I cannot find any popups.

  7. if you load the main site without being logged in you will see a large add to the left and right (where grey space would be if you were logged in). this seems to be new as i do not remember having one this large before.

    if you load the forums then you will see a pop up advertisement, each page will have text links and a few other small adds scattered about.

    if you are logged in you will not see any advertisements.

    on occassion i view TH from my mobile and if you are logged in the site works fine.
  8. Must be country-specific or something. Only pop-up I see on the forums is a 'Recommendation', which is in a blue box at the bottom right and doesn't really obscure anything.

    No ads to the left, though there's a banner at the top and a column above the live feed on the homepage.

  9. note the big yellow newegg advertisements. they look rediculously large if you have your zoom settings around 120% at around 100% they just look like tall banner ads.

    i need to have my zoom levels higher since i use a tv or else i cannot read. still, if you're a member it certainly doesnt make sense why you would just not log in to disable all advertisements.
  10. Ah. I don't get those. Even with no ad-blocking.
  11. NZ.
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