The confirmation email hasn't been sent to me!

i have clicked on the button "Send me the confirmation e-mail" several times but i can't find any email in my inbox or spam folder.
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    Check your spam folder.

    However, I suggest you check that your email address is correct. It looks like you're missing a 'y'. You can change this by clicking your screen name at the top right, clicking Manage My Profile, clicking Account Settings, and hitting the Edit button next to your address.
  2. oh yes! Thank you so much! i didnd't notice that...:)
  3. sorry but i changed my email and i'm sure it's now correct...but the email has not been sent long does it take to be sent?
  4. Usually under half an hour, though it's a bit shaky. They tend to get batched out, I believe.

    Is it there now?
  5. no! it's not there now.i have another email too, i'll check with that..
  6. oh yes! it's now in my yahoo email inbox! maybe the confirmation email isn't sent to Gmails ! no?
  7. I think I heard something about routing issues with GMail, but I'm using it and it worked fine.
  8. well,thank you so much...:)
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