Is Asus z97-A a good choice for overclocking Intel i5-4690k? Could comparable results be seen from an mATX mobo?

I am working to build my first gaming rig and was hoping I could get some insight into a few of my decisions thus far.

Asus Z97-A
Intel Core i5-4690k
AMD Radeon R9 290

A little bit of info. I do plan to tinker with OC, hence the CPU choice. While I liked the idea of an mATX size case (Deepcool's Steam Tower has an excellent look), I am a bit concerned with overheating, especially if I intend to OC.

My first question is my choice of mobo. Will the Z97 be up to par with the hardware? Consider as well the likelihood of over clocking.
Also on that topic, could I move down to an mATX mobo to fit into the steam castle without sacrificing? If so, what mATX would you recommend?

Somewhat of a lesser question; I had picked out the CM Storm Scout 2 Advanced as my case (assuming it's with an ATX mobo). Will it stay cool with an OC'd machine?

As a side note, I am not opposed to experimenting with water cooling. Corsair's Hydro Series look promising and I definitely want to try them out as an entry level into water cooling.

Any other thoughts would also be appreciated as this is the first rig I'm putting together.

Thanks a bunch in advance for any help.
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  1. Don't get a small case if you want to overclock , and yes the Z97-A is a great choice.
    CM Storm Scout 2 < nice case
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Do get a small case if you want to overclock , and yes the Z97-A is a great choice.
    CM Storm Scout 2 < nice case

    Did you mean to say "do NOT get a small case"? it seems counter intuitive to specifically get a smaller case for over clocking
  3. Yes real small cases restrict the airflow.
  4. Just making sure. Thanks a bunch for the quick response.

    Knowing the Z97 is a good choice (and looking at your profile), i"m hoping you can answer another question of mine I can't seem to find much info on.

    I'm a bit of an audiophile (currently listening to a pair of Mackie Mk8s) and while the Z97 talks up it's Crystal Sound 2, I'm still skeptical about how well it will actually hold up, as well as it's ability to shield any EMI.

    I don't do any mastering (some occasional hobby mixing), so it isn't a situation where every bit of noise reduction counts, but with quality monitors, I'm curious if a separate audio card would yield noticeably better sound.

    Thanks again.

  5. On board audio can't stand up to a good card.

    Onboard audio is improving though.
  6. (buried post, sorry)
  7. Smaller cases to not always equate to bad performance, though. I would read some reviews of cases you are interested in.

    For instance, the Corsair 450D reportedly has better thermal performance than the 750D and the 650D. The 450D is a mid tower, so it's not exactly small - but it's smaller than the 750D.

    Huge cases can lead to "hot spots". I would be more concerned with having the right number of fans for good airflow than I would the size of the case.

    In smaller micro cases with 1-2 fans it makes sense that a bunch of hardware crammed in there with not many fans would run hot - so in my mind the mid tower with less fans or a full tower with tons of fans would be better options.
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