GPU Problems. I don't know whats going on. PLEASE HELP.

Ok, so I own an EVGA gtx 760 4gb and have been able to run any game i want on max settings, but recently i have been getting a lot of lag, even when i turn down my settings. Ive checked that all my drivers are up to date. I know its not my power supply, i have a healthy amount of power (750w).
But i really don"t know whats going on. PLS HELP
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  1. But is it a good quality PSU?
    You also may have too many things running with Win7 at start up. Disable stuff you don't need. If your tray pops open a window that takes up a quarter of the screen, you got too many!
    Another thing would be to run CCleaner and do the Clean and Registry portions both. It will clean up resource wasting crap and registry errors.
  2. yes it is corsair
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