Question about new build please help with CPU :)

Hi I have a question and I hope it isn't too stupid.

I'm building my first computer and I have most of it together. However I cant finish it until later in the week because of long hours at work.

So my question...

I have installed the CPU cooler. It is a H100 with a pre-applied thermal pad. I can't do any wiring until later in the week (Sunday) due to long hours at work. But am I supposed to turn the PC on after installing the cooler so the thermal pad spreads and applies to the CPU? Or can I leave it like that without turning the PC on at all until Sunday without any negative effect.

Sorry if that's a really dumb question but was curious. And I hope that made sense.
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  1. Don't mean to be pushy but would really appreciate a answer before I have to go to sleep for work :) Thanks!
  2. Anyone?
  3. You can leave it like that :)
  4. Great. So it won't dry up or anything while its on it for a few days without once being turned on?
  5. no it will be fine wont hurt anything
  6. Thanks guys
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