Thoughts on system build.

Here is the current setup I plan on getting.

i5 4670k
Gigabyte Z97X SLI
8gb Ram
AMD R9 270 2gb

I was wondering if this power supply would be enough
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  1. The wattage on the PSU is a little overkill - you might be better off getting a lower wattage like 600 and a higher model like the GS series.
  2. I looked on tiger direct, amazon, and newegg and the GS 600 are out of stock. My budget for a psu is $80-$85. Any other options?
  3. Don't get a CX series, they have cheap capacitors and don't handle heat well.
  4. Will any of those be enough for a R9 270? It says a minimum of 500w is required.
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    Well since they are all 600w or greater, yes they will. But in any case, the PSU wattages that get listed aren't entirely accurate because PSU's vary greatly in quality. A high quality 450w would power your rig fine, but the GPU companies have to cover their asses when people buy POS PSUs and complain it won't power their GPU, so the 'required' wattage is often much higher than what is truly needed.
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