Best 27 inch Monitor for under $300

Hey Guys
I am trying to find the best 27 inch monitor used for gaming under $300
I have been looking at the BenQ EW2740L which is $299 in Australia and looks pretty good
What do you guys think or recommend
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  1. I wouldn't get a 27in 1080p. Go for a 1440p else it'll look to grainy.

    Or cheaper still, get a 1080p 24inch.
  2. Oh boy oh boy. Are you a professional gamer? If not then even a 10ms delay would most likely go unnoticed, and anything below 5 is IMO definitley overkill. Try this, I hear MNW is the best seller, theres one more seller on amazon for like 300 bucks with more reviews, but its still the same monitor, so if the extra cash is worth it then go for it.
  3. What do you guys think of these monitors
    I was aiming for a 1080p because my gtx 770 runs well at that resolution
  4. The Asus has been preferred in these forums but you pay for the IPS. The LG doesn't have specs.
  5. So would you recommend the asus as a 1080p 27 inch monitor
    or would you say 1080p is not worth it at all at 27inch
  6. i7Baby said:

    Thanks, but if you had to choose a 1080p monitor would you select the asus because it is in my price range and will perform much better with my card
  7. 3 reasons - It's 27in and 1440p and its Asus
  8. Best answer
    You won't get 27 in 1440p for $300 in Aus. You should look at 24 in 1080p 60Hz

  9. i7Baby said:
    You won't get 27 in 1440p for $300 in Aus. You should look at 24 in 1080p 60Hz


    So you would definitely say to stay away from 27inch monitors at 1080p
  10. Yes - it'll just look grainy.
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