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Hey guys, i am interested in playing games such as BF4 and possibly DayZ Standalone on 3 monitors. Will i be able to do so with a GTX 780? If so there are 2 cards im trying tossing up between, which one would perform better? Ideally i would like to play in 1080p but will settle for 720p if that will help a lot. The 2 cards are Gainward GeForce GTX 780 Phantom 6GB ( )
and EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Classified ACX 3GB ( )
SLI is a possibility in the future. Thank you in advance
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  1. Definantly go 6GB, triple monitors take a lot of vram.

    You don't need to go 720p for 3 1080P monitors on gtx 780. GTX 780 is powerful enough to play with three monitors at good settings.
  2. Would i be able to play at high or ultra with AA disabled or on very low?
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    I would agree that 6gb will make sure you are never bottlenecked by vram, which is possible at 5700x1080 on 3gb, especially if you use AA. You almost certainly can play at high settings w/o AA at 60fps. Ultra and/or AA is probably going to take you below 60fps at that resolution on some games. But if ~35-40fps is where you are comfortable, should be doable.
  4. Thank you both for your contribution. It was very helpful
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